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About Breast Lift Surgery

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Surgical lifting is a cosmetic breast treatment that reconstructs your breast, reduces excess skin, and keeps the remaining skin and younger ones. This life-changing surgery is recommended for women who have lost their completeness and form and who are stuck on their breasts due to aging, weight loss or breastfeeding. The breakthroughs of breast surgery are so effective that new statistics from the American Plastic Surgeons Association have increased by about 70% since 2000 with advanced cosmetic breast surgery and, depending on the presence level, carefully select the desired technique for the desired aesthetic purpose

Ideal for candidates

Many women visit centers, hoping to get breast implants, but after a physical examination they confirmed that mastopy is needed and would be a better choice. This is because breast cancer is present. Breast lifting does not significantly change breast size, but it is a great opportunity for patients who want to stop the contraction without adding the amount of implant. Breast lifters maintain natural body sizes while breasts are weaker, younger and more natural. Women who have their breasts and nipples pointing downwards usually need a breast to correct skin irregularities and raise their breasts on the chest wall. If your nipples descend and your breasts are elongated, breast lifting can improve your appearance. Women who need to raise breast should be physically healthy and have a stable weight. While implants are desirable, breast augmentation is required in most cases to add the desired completeness and form.

If there is excessive skin over the chest, there is abundant scar tissue around the breasts, or the shaving breasts may be a good candidate for lifting the breast. Breastfeeding can be the right cosmetic surgery, if yes, you can answer the following questions:

Don’t my isola sit on my chest? His nipples and underwear can sit on his chest because of their genetics or cracked breasts.

My nipples pointing down? When the breasts start to shear, the nipple is pulled by the weight of the breast.

Is my breast asymmetric? Inheritance and genetics can cause uneven fit of the breasts.

Recovery After Breast Enlargement

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The best way to comply with recovery guidelines is to restore the process of breast augmentation. Most people can easily continue their activities for a few days, for example around the house. Most patients should have at least one week of rest and healing, but those who do physical or strenuous work should wait longer.

Exercise after breast augmentation

You should avoid strenuous workouts for six weeks after breast augmentation. Even moderately tiring workouts can cause swelling and delay healing and should be avoided for two weeks. Simple workouts can be good, but patients need to keep a full six-week walk to achieve the highest recovery.

Additional procedures for surgical treatment of breast augmentation
If the patient is looking for more than volume, breast augmentation can be combined with breast augmentation. This allows doctor to lift and move the breasts at the same time, but complement them. Some patients are looking for a new waistline with the right bust. In this case, however, the abdominal cavity can be achieved by breast augmentation. By combining the procedures, patients can avoid anesthesia and heal at the same time.


After breast augmentation, doctor lists the instructions for the patients after detailed treatment. These are the following:

• Remove the gauze bandage after 24-48 hours. If any bleeding is detected, place fresh bandages on the area.
• Avoid 24 hours after surgery. Do not immerse in bath or whirlpool for 3-4 weeks.
• At least two weeks after the operation, it is difficult to press the compression dress. Then he moved to a medium compression dress for a month. Good quality sports bras work well. Compression garments should be worn as best as possible but can be removed for a short time.
• Some discomfort and pain after surgery is normal but usually disappears after the first few days. Pain can be treated with painkillers. Take care of the painkillers because they can have significant side effects. If you feel itchy chest, use antihistamines like Benadryl.
• The surgical tape is often the op. Leave the tape in place to allow for the best healing. Do not use cream or ointment on tape or tape because you can remove the tape.
Doctor may have other special aftercare instructions after breast augmentation. Follow the instructions below to get the best breast growth results. It is important to understand that complete healing takes time and that the final breast form can be reached almost six weeks after surgery. As long as you know what you can expect and are willing to follow doctors policies, you will be able to achieve the desired results.