Traditional Liposuction

This method is applied for patients who dont want to have the laser or the vaser systems.

Patients have concerns that the laser or vaser beams will damage their skin quality due to the heating mechanisms which may create burns.

In traditional liposuction the surgeon goes over the fat areas with the probe and aspirates the fat tissues by demolishing them.

The disadvantage of this technique is that its difficult for the surgeons to perform because it takes long time and muscle power to use the probe back and forth and try to demolish the fat tissues.

Also, not all fat tissues can be reached this way.

For these reasons, traditional liposuction is used lesser day by day.

The pricing is lower compared to vaser liposuction and plasma liposuction.

It’s mainly used in combinated surgeries such as tummy tuck with abdomen liposuction.

Price (Cost) for Traditional liposuction surgery is economic in Turkey.