How does a penile implant work?

Penile Implant (Penile prostheses)

 When it comes to erectile issues, most men can be hesitant to utter the words ‘ED’ which stands for ‘erectile dysfunction”. Without a doubt, it may be not simple to face it, and sometimes covering up the issue is much easier than talking about it with a loud voice! Please remember that millions of other men suffer from the same problem, and you are not alone. Moreover, with today’s technology, you have more options to treat erectile dysfunction!

AMS 700™ - Inflatable Penile Prosthesis

Infla10® X - Inflatable Penile Prosthesis

Let’s start with a definition of penile prostheses (implants)

 According to the definition of The British Association of Urological Surgeons (BAUS),

“Penile prostheses (implants) are designed to provide enough rigidity to

your penis for sexual activity”.

We can describe a penile implant, as a device that can be placed inside the penis and scrotum. This prosthesis which is implanted inside the penis can be a bendable or inflatable device to treat erectile dysfunction (ED) which means the penile implant surgery can allow men with Erectile dysfunction to have an artificial erection for normal penetrative sexual intercourse. Usually, a penis implant surgery is considered in most men in which the pharmacological approach has failed or has been ineffective.

When to consider a penile implant?

 You may consider a penile implant when all the Erectile Dysfunction Treatment Options -from oral medications (which belongs to the category entitled PDE5Is inhibitors) to penis injections – have been tried with no success.

 How does a penile implant work?

  •  The inflatable penile implant is made of two cylinders; a reserved area, and a pump. These pieces are placed by the urologist into the genital areas via surgery.
  • The pump is placed into the scrotum of the patient, whereas the cylinders are placed into the penis, and the reserve area is placed under the belly area where the pubic area is.
  • When the patient squeezes the pump, then a special sterile liquid goes to the cylinders and causing an erection in 3-5 seconds. This erection feels the same as the natural erection. The only difference is the blood vs the special liquid.
  • When the erection finishes, the patient presses the same pump again to put the liquid back to the reserve area.

The surgery takes place under general anesthesia, and it takes about two hours, and two nights of hospitalisation is required after the operation.

The implant is guaranteed lifelong, which is an American Brand entitled the AMS & Rigicon.  Please note that according to the size of the penis, the length of the device may change. The device and the liquid will not be replaced lifelong.



How to prepare

 Let’s have a look at the pre-operative steps:

First of all, your medical records and file will be shared with the urology team at our hospital. Once you decide to have a penile implant, one of our urologists will explain to you in more detail about the operation, the selection of the penile implant types.

Our patients’ expectations are so important for us; therefore, we always listen to our patients’ expectations and also answer all their questions. Our medical team will also go through the benefits and the risks of the operation.

Please abstain from drinking and eating after midnight on the night before your surgery.

As regards the medications that you use, please check all your medications (if you regularly use any medication) with your doctor.

 We advise patients to be in Istanbul for a total of one week. The use of the device is simple and will be taught to the patient by the urologist himself.

 Penile Implants Types

 Today, there are two main basic types of penile implants that are available.

Both types are very effective, and they are custom-fitted to your body which can allow you to have a satisfactory erection during sexual intercourse.

  • Inflatable Implant: The 3-piece implant can be considered as the most common type of penile implant. Compared to the malleable penile implant this type of inflatable implant allows producing a more natural erection.
  • Malleable (non-inflatable) penile implant: This implant has two flexible rods, and this device can be manually lifted up during sexual activity and can be aimed downward when not in use.
  • What percentage of Men suffer from Erectly Dysfunction?
    According to recent researches, 15 percent of all men suffer from ED (Erectly Dysfunction).
  • What are the main causes of erectile dysfunction?
    There are different causes of ED (Erectly Dysfunction) but the main cause is Diabetes and cardiovascular Problems and medications used for cancer treatments.
  • How is erectile dysfunction diagnosed?
    The blood flow to the penis is limited, this can be understood via Doppler Ultrasound.
  • How does Diabetes cause erectly dysfunction?
    Diabetes gives damage to the nerves and vessels which support the penis also the changes in blood sugar prostate, there is no ejaculation, 36 although the ability to have an orgasm remains unchanged.
  • How is the treatment of the dysfunction?
    In the worst-case scenarios, the best method is the penile prosthesis or the penile implant. These implants have a life long guarantee and the use is pretty simple.
  • How will the penis look like after the surgery?
    No, all the materials are hidden in the testicle, inside the penis, and inside the pubic area so nobody can understand that you carry the implant
  • Is the process painful?
    As it’s the case in all surgical operations there will be somewhat pain especially when you stand up. But this will go lower and lower with time.
  • How will sexual Intercourse with your partner be like?
    Your partner will be happy because you will have always have an erection. When you desire your partner you will be able to do sex right away. You will have similar or the same feeling in orgasm.
  • How will the penile prosthesis be placed?
    Yes, an experienced urologic surgeon shall do the operation. Also, the material is important. The material will be brought in different sizes and the team will make measurements and the settings in the surgical room together with the surgeon.
  • What will happen during the surgery?
    The surgery takes about 1 hour and it is under general anesthesia. A small incision is made where the testicle meets the penis. From here cylinders are placed in and the pump is placed into the scrotum.
  • How long does the recovery take?
    The following day, most patients can return to normal daily activities. But sexual activity has to be done 6 weeks later.
  • Will I need to replace the implant?
    Generally speaking, the implant won’t be changed. The survival rate is almost 95 percent. The Firms are Rigicon or AMS and these are World recognized brands. If a problem persists the warranty document will be provided.
  • What about security checkpoints at the airport? Will the implant be detected?
    If the material will be detected then you can show your warranty papers to the security.
  • Are there any risks associated with the surgery?
    As in all surgeries, there could be a risk of infection therefore sterilization after the surgery is also very important.