Hair Transplantation

Losing hair can be very emotionally draining but with Jinemed Health Group you have a chance to turn back the time and get the hair you have always wanted. We are considered the most premium treatment house for hair transplant in Turkey today. Our tried and tested techniques have been praised and each treatment has resulted in a 100% satisfactory outcome. If you want amazingly genuine results that give you a fresh new lease in life, contact us and we will start working out a plan, just for you.
Our medical center uses the best practice that enables you to have a generous amount of hair growing again. Our doctors use the Follicular Unit Extraction method or FUE which has seen a great satisfaction ratio and is the most significant. After about 8 weeks of this procedure it will be impossible for anyone to know that you had a hair transplant in Turkey. There will be no visible scarring and absolutely no pain during the removal itself.

The procedure entails using a micro motor to remove some of the hair follicles from the nape of the neck or just above the ear, hair that will not be missed. This hair is then grafted using micro-graft transplantation to give you surprising and exhilarating results slowly but surely, starting about a week after the procedure. Our team of doctors has been on the path of restoring hair for many years and can tell you without a doubt that you will be more than satisfied with the results. Call us now to fix up an appointment.

Lets get started! Comfortably state questions that you wonder about. We are ready to answer all of them.