Buttock Implantation

Buttock Implants have been very popular between women since recent years. A lot of women undergo brazilian butt lift procedure for this purpose. But the butt lift is not a permanent solution and may not give the optimally curved buttock-outlook. The procedure needs to be renewed in the upcoming years when some fat will fade away in the buttocks.

The best solution for permanent results is the use of the brazilian buttock implants. This will not only give a great curve but also will increase the size accordingly. For patients who are sensitive on the size and on the shape of the buttocks , then its advised that they skip the buttock lift and undergo the buttock implant procedure directly. Especially patients from African Descent has high demand for increased sizes of buttocks. Buttock Implant Procedure is the one and only way of reaching that.

The Surgical Procedure

As in the case of breast lift, a buttock lift surgery typically involves a sizeable incision to the middle part of the buttocks to make way for the implant. The implant used is primarily of silicone gel which provides a natural shape and feel to the buttocks post surgery. Using the incision, ample space for the implant is created which then is used to accommodate and place the implant which later defines the shape of the buttocks. The implant is placed intra-muscularly so as to provide for the perfect contour. The muscle then forms scar tissue in due course of time which helps keep the implant in the desired position.


The Implant material becomes important in this surgery. Aesthetic Turkey works with only best brands in the World when it comes to Gluetal Implants. They are placed under the muscles mainly but may change from patient to patient.  Its totally safe to sit on the implants after the surgery.There could be some discomfort at the beginning though. Procedure is done under general anesthesia and it takes about 2 hours for the surgeon to finish the procedure.

Post Operative Care and Risks

The patient has to take substantial care of the body movements and adopt postures that do not hurt the implant. Characteristically, a buttock implant surgery stretches tissues in the gluteal region which can result in considerable pain. Proper medication to alleviate pain and prevent infections should be administered as a measure against complications arising post surgery.

The patients of a buttock implant surgery typically are discharged the very next day of the procedure. There may be some pain and swelling which when given proper care, can be managed with medicines. The swelling in some cases may last up to 3 months. Abdominal binders are usually used to prevent fluid buildup at the operated site and to provide support during healing.


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