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The breast implant can be either a round or a shaped (teardrop) style. Most women prefer the round implants (the traditional choice) but the newer teardrop style implants may be perfect for people who want to emphasize a specific area in the breast. Breast implant texture is also dependent on the specific patient and situation. Both smooth and textured Siltex implants are available. Smooth implants have less wrinkling but may have also have less traction within the chest than textured implants do, which may make them slightly more likely to change position. Both types of texture are safe, and doctor can help each patient determine which will work best in their own body. Breast implant profiles vary from moderate to high to ultra high. The volume of the implants varies from 125cc to 800cc, and Dr. Patterson will help patients to choose the ideal volume for their body type.

Preparing for Breast Augmentation Surgery

Doctor will give patients recommendations for proper preparation during a breast augmentation consultation appointment. Patients who are overweight may need to get down to a healthy weight prior to surgery. Lab tests, primarily blood tests, are required to verify that the patient is healthy enough to have the surgery. Patients should always disclose all medications – even over the counter and herbal supplements – that they are currently taking. Some of these medicines will need to be stopped before surgery. For example, drugs like ibuprofen and certain NSAIDS can cause thinning of the blood, which can be dangerous during surgery. Smokers are encouraged to discontinue smoking prior to the surgery.

The Breast Augmentation Procedure

Breast enlargement is performed under general anesthesia. During a breast augmentation, doctor will make incisions to create a pocket to place the implant in. The implant will then be placed and carefully manipulated so that the placement is correct and so that the breasts are symmetrical. The incisions will then be sutured. On average, a breast augmentation surgery takes between one and two hours.